From Doers in the oil and gas/energy industry, these webisodes showcase positive stories about how the DRIVERS/FUEL help create the BENEFITS/THE WAY.

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Many things make the oil and gas/energy industry work well but excellence in these Drivers provide a path to ongoing success for everyone involved.


Identifying solid, profitable opportunities and then balancing the risks and rewards associated with these opportunities takes special talents. People involved in the oil and gas/energy industry, like the Doers above, live and breath this reality as they push ahead with continued commitment, competence and character. They're definitely contributing to something much bigger than themselves, something that says the future is now for the U.S. as a country, individual communities and personal lives.


Operating productively and safely, deep into and on the earth's surface demands the best in research, engineering and design. It requires production know-how to deliver on exacting specifications with people who are dedicated to doing things right the first time. Doers in the oil and gas/energy industry know that this is the only way to operate. In fact, this industry is at least on par with many other highly technical/safety driven industries where the pursuit of excellence is absolutely mandatory.

Business Models

Knowing how to make money in challenging, complex industries is essential. In the oil and gas/energy industry, business disciplines such as strategic planning, economies of scale, logistics and business partnerships are practiced on a regular basis. Savvy Doers understand these types of things and with the privilege to operate in a free market country like the U.S, the best ideas and solutions surface, which means that end-users enjoy products and services beyond their wildest imaginations.

The positive impact that the oil and gas/energy industry makes on businesses and consumers in the U.S. is a daily occurrence and seen in these Benefits.

Economic Development

This is where the hard work of Doers shines and pays dividends. The identification, development and productive use of oil and gas/energy creates millions of good jobs, establishes careers and changes lives. With responsible access to these resources, the U.S. thrives in numerous ways, including advances in consumer products, transportation and housing. When opportunities are created among people who care about the U.S., great things happen within and outside the boundaries of the country.


Doers recognize that when the U.S. controls a substantial supply of oil and gas/energy, its position in world markets is strengthened. As raw materials, oil and gas are integral to the manufacturing of hundreds of consumer products, which the world needs. An abundant supply of these resources allow these products to be produced more economically in the U.S. and therefore, offered more competitively to buyers across the world, which supports the country's financial standing.

Energy Independence

As a sovereign nation interested in controlling its own destiny, it's essential that the U.S. can address the safety, security and daily needs of its citizens. Dependence on others for oil and gas weakens the country's ability to do that in a reliable fashion. Doers realize that for various reasons, strategic alliances with other countries across the globe are important. However, when leadership is required and decisions have to be made, self-reliance through oil and gas is a great asset.

Because we're pro U.S., industry and jobs, we'll be proactive in developing positive WebTV based content that inspires and informs people.

The story of FuelTheWay.Com begins with Steve Schwandner (President of Schwandner Creativity Center, ) and his wife, their sons and their wives and a desire to grow a successful business that helps change the lives of other people. With their backgrounds in marketing, creativity, product development and cinematography and an understanding of the strategic importance of the oil and gas/energy industry, they developed FuelTheWay.Com.

FuelTheWay.Com will be a top-notch Internet webisode TV series. The show will have two audiences: those Internal to or who work in the oil and gas/energy industry in the U.S. (approximately 9 million people) and those External to or who are served by/connected to the industry (consumers 25+ years of age, about 202 million in U.S. as well as millions of businesses across the U.S.).

The series will be a compelling blend of education, insights and entertainment focused on the positive progress and opportunities in this essential industry, which is one of the largest in the U.S. It will emphasize how the DRIVERS/FUEL of Entrepreneurship, Innovation/Technology and Business Models of organizations in the industry help create the BENEFITS/THE WAY of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Energy Independence for the U.S. and the perspectives/stories of people involved in this industry will come to life at a .COM.

The series will highlight various geographical areas in the U.S. where there is significant activity in the oil and gas/energy industry, including Northeast/Southeast Ohio, Montana/North and South Dakota, Alaska and Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana. The overall persona of the show will reflect progress, opportunities and momentum. Webisode content will come from a variety of sources, including input/ideas from supportive and knowledgeable people in and out of the industry.

New insights and ideas are part of the growing oil and gas/energy industry!

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In the context of the oil and gas/energy industry, FuelTheWay.Com is all about how the DRIVERS of Entrepreneurship, Innovation/Technology and Business Models help lead to the BENEFITS of Economic Development, Competitiveness and Energy Independence for the U.S.

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