From Doers in the oil and gas/energy industry, these webisodes showcase positive stories about how the DRIVERS/FUEL help create the BENEFITS/THE WAY.

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Chris Willison

President/CEO, TEK USA

"What's exciting right now about this country...this industry can be purposeful for the future, the next hundred years of this country and the greatness that it brings...there is such is the next gold rush and it's coming."

Todd Hawkins

President and CEO, Tesla NanoCoatings

"An industry as large as oil and gas, all of the things that need to take place, there are markets within markets that are very gives the promise of creating products and solutions that were never before possible."

Chris Jaskiewicz

President, Principle, VEC

"The great thing about the oil and gas business in this new shale technology is the entrepreneurialism...the shale industry has given more opportunities to more people faster than any other industry that I've seen in recent creates energy."

Dr. Robert W. Chase

Chair and Professor, Dept. of Petroleum Engineering and Geology, Marietta College

"There's a constant stream of innovation in our business... we're going to see a lot of wealth generated in the's not going to be a trickle, it's going to be a waterfall...we're going to be in great shape."

David Kaminski

Dir. of Energy and Public Affairs, Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce

"Business prospects are improving in this county and oil and gas is kind of a lens that you can see it all through...the level of safety consciousness is really impressive...these companies come to town needing to get going really quickly."

Thankfully, there are Doers in this world who know how to connect the dots between talking and seeing something become reality.

Joe Barone, President, ShaleDirectories.Com

"There's nothing like oil and gas...companies that put forth the effort and hours can do really well...the impact of this is just beginning but so transformative in every industry."

Michael Lauber, Chairman and CEO, TUSCO Display and Co-Chair of TOGA

"This is an entrepreneurial area...filled with people that want to build a better life...when we see people coming in here saying I can help you do that, we welcome that."

Tony Paglia, Vice President, Government Affairs, Youngstown Regional Chamber

"Companies are expanding two and three times...we see people taking some risks and reaping some rewards. We need that entrepre-neurial spirit again and we're starting to see it."

Butch Taylor, Business Manager, Plumbers & Pipefitters 396

"We need energy's time to focus on our country...time for this country to roll up it's shirt sleeves and use our hands to go to work, this is a great opportunity to do that.

Keith Burgett, Veterinarian and Beef Farmer, Burgett Angus Farm

"There is a tremendous amount of new companies that have turned up that support the oil and gas industry...its like a 3 month old child right now, it's just getting started."

Mike Jacoby, Executive Director, Zanesville-Muskingum County Port Authority

"When you're producing polymers and plastics, feedstocks and energy is where the costs are and that will greatly allow us to be more self reliant for the things we all consume."

Harry Eadon, President and Executive Director, Economic Development and Finance Alliance of Tuscarawas County

"We can become more energy independent through use of CNG or LNG, our balance of payments shifts, the economy takes on a whole new light in the U.S."

Bryce Custer, Real Estate Advisor,

Oil & Gas Services

"We have the bi-products of the gas, both dry and wet...its producing great jobs for our's changed see people with their shoulders held high.

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