From Doers in the oil and gas/energy industry, these webisodes showcase positive stories about how the DRIVERS/FUEL help create the BENEFITS/THE WAY.

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Chris Willison


"In the downhole world, our products relate to advanced technology.  We have an incredible team...people that contribute on all levels.  We're all going to win at this game and we believe we have the solutions that are going to lead the charge."

Ray Garner

Materials Planner

"It has to be a high quality product but done at a reasonable price...every part, from the first one to the thousandth part.  We still to this day haven't missed a delivery.  The evidence is they're getting gas out of the ground."

Robert Zimmerman


"We start with some drawings, sketches, dimensions, an idea of how we want it to work. The input comes from a number of different sources...we all go over it again, then testing begins.  In the end, we're very confident in what we do."

Haluk Sayir

Materials Engineer

"Determining the future of a part or how it's going to have to use the science and that's where the statistics come from.  We have tools that we've internally know that product worked in those nasty environments."

Jason Englehaupt

Machine Shop Manager

"A lot of our tools and development that we do here revolve around our customer's products.  I take their ideas and their engineering data and prints and turn them into reality, a part that you can hold.  I know the importance of tight tolerances."

Tom Gerstenslager

Process Engineer

"We do everything in house...just a barrage of ammunition that we put into every composite matrix material that we assemble..from the fibers to the coupling agents to the interface to the it's pretty intense here at Tek."

Kelly Murray

Production Manager

"My sweetspot is on time deliveries and zero defects.  It's very imperative that we get them their product on time or a little early if we can..they're expecting to have parts delivered to them.  Our product is exemplary out in the field."

Kevin Steele

Quality Manager

"Every customer has their set of procedures and controls that we fall in to compliance with.  One of my jobs is to make sure that its fit, form and function is correct, so when it enters the supply chain, it doesn't hold up the supply chain."

John Gugliotta

Patent/Technology Attorney

"I see a lot of ideas...sketches on on paper.  The real technology strength of Tek USA is to understand the customer's problem and develop a solution that is production oriented, capable of actually the real world."


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